Baby Blanket Gifts

I was super excited to find out earlier this year that I will be an Aunty for the first time in December! Hearing this news has increased my production of teeny tiny items exponentially and has opened up a whole new world of extra cute sewing! As a good friend of mine was taking a trip to the US, I asked her if she could source me some baby appropriate fabric. She came back with these gorgeous flannel charm packs and I couldn’t wait to turn them in to a patchwork blanket!

Eeeee Giraffes!!

I’ve never sewn with pre-cuts before and really really enjoyed it! It certainly helped improve the accuracy of my piecing as I am not the most accurate cutter. The patchwork top came together really quickly and I thought a simple repetitive piecing arrangement lets the giraffes give full impact!

I really wanted to bind and back this quilt in a grey star print fabric that I had a remnant of, but unfortunately I didn’t quite have enough continuous yardage. As a result I did a bit of piecing together on the back …. which hasn’t worked out super well, but at least I managed to stay on track colour scheme wise! I used quite a heavy-weight batting in this blanket, which makes it more of a comfy play mat/maxicosi blanket, but I like the fact that it makes it quite puffy and squidgy! I could definitely do with cutting larger binding in the future though to account for the extra puff factor!

I got to gift my baby blanket gift to my brother and sister-in-law last night at a family BBQ! Here’s my sister in law with the blanket (making full use of it as bump coverage ;-)) Big thanks go to my sister-in-law for agreeing to feature on my blog when she thought she was coming round for a relaxing evening!

In case you are wondering what has become of the pink charm pack …. I’ve actually whipped these up in to a pink baby blanket with a fleece backing … all I’ve got left to do is bind, so it will be coming to a new blog post soon!

Have you guys had success with pre-cuts? Are there any good European shops where I can buy them? What do you like to make as baby gifts? I’d love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “Baby Blanket Gifts

  1. drylightningblog says:

    My favourite go-to baby present: Big Butt Baby Pants from Made By Rae. They fit over cloth diapers (but look fine on conventionally-diapered bums), they are endlessly customizable, and the dozen or so pairs I’ve gifted have garnered the most consistently positive reviews of any handmade baby items.
    I usually narrow the leg a little bit so they are more like proper pants and less like pyjama bottoms, but other than that, they are perfect as written.


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