Behold! Dave the Dachshund is here!

Hi! Meet Dave – trusty sewing companion and latest creation! Initially created to serve as a pin-cushion, Dave has turned out to be too cute to stab pins in to! Now he just rides around in my sewing trolley, looking cool!

Dave was made using SewMag’s free printable floral Dave the Dachshund pattern – believe it or not he is only three pattern pieces and a really quick sew! I came a bit unstuck at first as I hadn’t realized that you need to cut a body+belly piece as well as just a belly piece – so this is second time lucky Dave, with original Dave’s ears! Thank goodness I had some spare fabric! Poor PB was also involved as we both read and re-read the instructions and had a good head scratching moment until all was revealed! Once that happened he came together in a flash – I might even make a few more as gifts!

Just a quick side note – the pattern suggests buttons for his eyes … For some reason all the buttons I had made him look really creepy! So I just stitched these in with embroidery thread – and bonus points, no buttons = child friendly!

Tonight on my sewing list – a stuffed elephant as a baby gift for a work colleague! After that I will slow down on the cuddly toys for a while!

How about you, do you like making toys as gifts? Any recommendations for other great stuffy toy makes?!


Dave … Standing proud on the couch …

4 thoughts on “Behold! Dave the Dachshund is here!

  1. Felicia says:

    Hi there! 🙂 was curious if you happened to take pictures of your step by step process. I’m confused by the following by instructions:

    With right sides facing, pin the two bellies together around the legs, from C to D. Stitch, leaving a gap between E and F. Press the seam allowance open on either side of this gap.

    With right sides facing, pin one side of the joined belly piece to the body with the gusset attached, matching points C and D. Machine stitch between these points leaving the seam allowance at each end unstitched.

    I may have to make a secone Dave as well. Haha


    • Amy-June says:

      Hi! So I actually had problems at that point too … first big question … how many pieces do you have? 2 or 4? Because initially I’d only cut out 2 and then I realized that you have to cut two bottom leg bits and two top bits of the body … sorry hard to explain!


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